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Born over half a century ago in a distant land, Michelle started gaming in the mid 70’s after a finding a gaming system call Chainmail at a flea market, though she never had a group to play it, reading through the rules prepared her to learn Dungeons and Dragons a few years later, after a move to Florida with her family. This was her introduction to gaming, a world she loved. She was a fan of Tolkien from a young age and never looked back. She grew up as a gamer, computer geek and imaginative young girl, She was also introduce to politics and radio at the young age of 12 when her mother ran for a county position and drafted her children into doing commercials.

The rest is history. She has a love for table top RP gaming, comics, computer games, fantasy, reading and cinema, classic and modern horror films, mythology, folklore, cartoons, anime and things bizarre and spooky.

Favorite Theme Park Ride: The Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror

Favorite Comic Book Character: Rogue

Favorite Hubby: Miles

Favorite Actor: Vincent Price

Dislikes: Porgs, horrible people, mornings and cooked spinach.

The rest.. you will just have to listen to learn.

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