There is no quiet part anymore

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The Senate failed to change its filibuster rules to allow for a voting rights carve out yesterday. Every single member of the Senate who is considered a Republican voted No. Two Democrats voted no. This is a complete and utter failure on the entirety o…

One Year Later

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It’s been a year since President Biden took office. Some things have changed, but down in Mar-a-lardo, plenty of things haven’t

Show #658

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David and Jody were in the Bunker.
The GOP infighting is fun.
Ginni Thomas should be investigated.
Matt Gaetz is gonna be going through some things.
Ghislaine Maxwell is not fighting the names of men being unredacted anymore, who knew she had the right…

Ask a Vet

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Good Morning. Houston, we’ve had a problem. Actually, we’ve had this problem for a long time. It’s been reported here and elsewhere for a number of years about the right-wing problem within the military. The events of January 6 put that under a mi…

Make Trouble

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Today is my annual MLK Blog post. While so many out there in our circles and on the media will be quoting him, I hope they are reminded of what he was fighting and why he was assassinated. Having to read it from his own daughter should give everyone …