This happened

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Yesterday, the house held a hearing on abortion rights. It went as awful as one could expect. No, actually that’s not true. The depth of cruelty has reached lows that one would expect from the 1940s. The problem is that these elected representatives kn…

Show #674

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Sean and Jody were in the Bunker.
There was talk of sports…tech…cancer…Jody’s mom…Cawthorn…and much more!
We hope you enjoy this week’s installment.
Talk at you next week!

Show delayed until Wed.

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Hi All,
Sean is unable to do the show today, so, luckily, he’ll be in the Bunker with Jody tomorrow! Sorry for the delay, but it is better when they are in the same room!

Ask a Vet

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Good Morning.Let’s talk NATO today. Ye Olde “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” came into being at the earliest moments of the Cold War. The original signees affixed their names to the charter on August 24, 1949.It had not even been five years since …

Replace Them

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Seriously, this is not even a theory, Americans must acknowledge that the only way to stop this fast-growing White nationalism, fascism, — whatever you want to call it — is to replace them with moral people. I am talking about the politicians that pr…

The Full Circle

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“To return to the original or a similar position, situation, or circumstance where one or something started.” It’s a Sunday Night. Trisec has some musing to do.None of us want to look in the rear-view mirror, but lets take a look back at June 3, 2020….