Episode 696 – Do Not Feed the Foxies

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The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 696 – May 7, 2023

Show Art - Do Not Feed the Foxies

On episode 696 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (Joseph Santorsa on Facebook and @Marnus3@mstdn.party on Mastodon) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Cathy (@Cathy47204163 on Twitter and @CathyLarkin@sfba.social on Mastodon) and from the Let’s Remember To Never Forget Facebook Page, Sue (@841920meema6 on Twitter and @SueInRockville@mstdn.social on Mastodon) and https://bren-books.com, and Adam Hebert (Adam Hebert on Facebook and @adamkun@mastodon.world on Mastodon) from RadioForHumans.com.

On the show this week we start out with introductions and the Social Media Friends segment, then we discuss clips of Glen Kirschner saying Pence has the most sharply incriminating evidence against Trump in the J6 case, Jen Psaki and Neal Katyal accusing Trump of witness intimidation against Pence, and Jen Psaki warning Democrats not to underestimate Trump an his evil charisma. Next we discuss clips of Trump telling Mark Levin that he was treated worse than ‘vilified’ Abraham Lincoln, a never aired gameshow for CBS hosted by Tucker Carlson called ‘Do You Trust Me?’, Jen Psaki saying not to give FOX a profiles in courage award for firing Tucker Carlson, and then Joe gives us another hilarious Clown Car Update with a parody non-profit advertisement to rescue hosts at FOX News. Then we discuss clips of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accusing FOX of keeping Tucker’s mouth shut with duct tape by not letting him out of his contract, the Morning Joe crew mocking conservatives for defending Carlson, and Nicolle Wallace roasting ‘dumb’ DeSantis for his war with Disney. Next we discuss clips of Sen. Whitehouse throwing shade at Clarance Thomas at a Senate hearing on Ethics and the Supreme Court, CNN’s John King scolding FOX News for not reporting on the Proud Boys verdict to their viewers, and we close out the show discussing clips from Trump’s bombshell rape trial deposition along with commentary by legal experts Danny Cevallos and Laura Jarrett.

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