Show #612

Fromthebunker/ March 2, 2021/ CPAC, cuomo, Josh Hawley, SCOTUS, Shows

Legs was in his bunker and Jody was in THE Bunker. Lonny may have been exposed to Covid, so didn’t want to expose Legs to it, just in case. Lonny’s first test is Wednesday, so hoping that is negative. The 2nd one is next Monday, so if th…

Show #600

Fromthebunker/ December 8, 2020/ Covid, desantis, SCOTUS, Shows, Texas, Tom Brady

Legs and Jody were in the Bunker for the 600th episode! There was much rejoicing.
So, DeSantis in Florida is a gestapo wannabe.
The person running the GOP Twitter account in Arizona should be arrested for inciting violence.
The Texas AG is suing the…

Show #592

Fromthebunker/ October 13, 2020/ graham, mcconnell, McGrath, SCOTUS, Shows, Voting

Legs and Jody were in the Bunker.
ACB is in her judicial hearing to be able to take away the ACA and Roe. And she doesn’t answer questions directly.
Beware fake dropboxes.
Over 11 million votes have been cast so far.
For info on how to vote, go…

Show #589

Fromthebunker/ September 22, 2020/ Covid, RBG, SCOTUS, Shows

David & Jody were in the Bunker.
RIP RBG. Let’s see how the GOP in the Senate and the Dems in the House & Senate handle this.
The 1st debate topics are out…will Donald even show up?
Barr is de-funding the police!
And much more!

Show #577

Fromthebunker/ June 30, 2020/ Covid, Rand Paul, SCOTUS, Shows, Trump

David and Jody were in the Bunker. 2 starts and one restart later, it’s done. Jody is SO fired, again.
Trump had intel that the Russians put a bounty on US Soldiers’ heads and has yet to do anything about. Or, did he get that intel? His…

Show #571

Fromthebunker/ May 19, 2020/ Burr, Pompeo, SCOTUS, Shows, Trump

David and Jody were in the Bunker.
Trump v SCOTUS.
Pompeo and the firing of the IG v GOP and DEM Congress people.
Jane Roe and the new documentary about her is about to come out.
What we are watching during these times.
And much more!
Hope you enjoy t…

Show #570

Fromthebunker/ May 12, 2020/ covid-19, SCOTUS, Shows, Taxes, Trump

Sean and I were in our respective Bunkers. There was a bit of echo, sorry. It happens sometimes. We’re going to try a different way to do it next time.
Trump and Covid.
Trump and women.
Elon Musk is losing it.
And much more!
Hope you enjoy thi…