The Clown Car Update for January 16, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ January 16, 2022/ New Post

As if this pandemic was not dangerous enough, Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that he has discovered a new and more deadly variant than either Omicron or Delta. As he testified to the Senate on Tuesday, he declared that the new virus infecting our country is Multiple Obnoxious Repulsive & Obstructive Nitwit Syndrome or M.O.R.O.N.S. The […]

The Clown Car Update for January 9, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ January 11, 2022/ New Post

Do you want to run for Congress but cannot spell “Congress?” Have you ever had a DUI, or been charged with sex trafficking, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, weapons violations, or rioting at the Capitol Building? Have you ever given birth in a pickup truck? Are you about to be evicted from your trailer park because […]

The Clown Car Update for January 2, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ January 6, 2022/ New Post

t’s 2022 and the new year brings new opportunities for Donald Trump’s minions to provide us with endless entertainment. We at the Clown Car can hardly wait to hear the latest dates for Trump’s reinstatement with Vice President John F. Kennedy, Jr. But there is no need to wait around Dealey Plaza to see what […]

The Clown Car Update for December 19, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ December 22, 2021/ New Post

On Tuesday the House Special Committee gave us all an early Christmas surprise wrapped up in a Fox News gift bag when it announced it would seek criminal contempt charges against former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for defying their subpoena. In doing so, Liz Cheney read some frantic text messages sent to Meadows […]

The Clown Car Update for December 12, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ December 15, 2021/ New Post

It’s that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we all are asking ourselves. “Do we really have to buy a gift for that fart-producing, Trump-ass-kissing, pile of QAnon monkey-shit brother-in-law just because my sister forgot the condoms on prom night?!” Well, the answer is sadly “yes,” but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Surprise […]

The Clown Car Update for December 5, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ December 8, 2021/ New Post

It’s December and that can only mean one thing: We are all about to go into debt we will not be able to pay off until June. That’s right, the War on Christmas is raging on Fox News and we are all busy trying to beat the supply chain crisis while avoiding anti-vaxxer shoppers at […]

The Clown Car Update for November 21, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ November 22, 2021/ New Post

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, the time of year we stop to celebrate the first feast of fall when the Native Americans brought corn and other harvests to the Pilgrims in exchange for anthrax. This past Friday President Biden pardoned a turkey (no, not Steve Bannon). This Friday, in the spirit of the season, people will […]

The Clown Car Update for November 14, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ November 17, 2021/ New Post

Has this ever happened to you? There you are, waiting on Dealey Plaza for Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate to appear. Everyone is having fun chanting “We never landed on the moon!” and hanging on tight so they don’t fall off the edge of the earth. The clock strikes 12:29 PM and then…..NO JFK JR.! […]

The Clown Car Update for November 7, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ November 8, 2021/ New Post

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert opposes President Joe Biden’s plan to offer family leave time to anyone having a child. Why? Because Rep. Boebert knows that real American women don’t have time for family leave. Unlike the current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, she knows that a Republican Transportation Secretary would have remained on the job making sure […]

The Clown Car Update for October 31, 2021

Joseph Santorsa/ October 31, 2021/ New Post

It’s the scariest time of year again, the time for headless creatures, ghouls, witches, and freaks. In other words, the Republican party. But it is also time for Halloween and taking the kids out at night dressed as their favorite characters to see which of your neighbors are potential serial killers. There are bound to […]