The Clown Car Update for January 29, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ February 2, 2023/ New Post

If you’re the Attorney General, your caseload is growing by the minute and you are just another breaking news bulletin away from finding Don Jr. doing lines off classified documents. Finding enough FBI agents and Special Counsels to investigate can be both time consuming and frustrating. With all the classified documents, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, […]

The Clown Car Update for December 11, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ December 15, 2022/ New Post

Every Trumper in Georgia liked Herschel a lot But most voters in Georgia who voted did not! They didn’t like Walker’s senatorial bid Now please don’t ask us why, Ask one of his kids! It could be the voters knew Herschel was dumb It could be he couldn’t add one and one But I think […]

The Clown Car Update for December 4, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ December 4, 2022/ New Post

Kanye West, Nazi sympathizers, Speaker of the House Marjorie Taylor Greene, Shingles! It’s all very tiring and then add to that we are facing yet another Holiday Season with Covid. So it’s time to put down that box of tangled Christmas lights, throw that Elf on a Shelf into the fireplace, pour yourself another glass […]

The Clown Car Update for October 9, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ October 13, 2022/ New Post

Well, it’s been a bad week for Georgia Republican Senatorial candidate Hershel Walker. It seems that he is suffering from a well-known Republican disease called hypocrite-itis. Seems the no-abortion-with-no-exceptions candidate had his little Hershel working overtime and he had his pregnant girlfriend have an abortion on his tab. And although he denied the allegation, the […]

The Clown Car Update for September 25, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ September 25, 2022/ New Post

On Wednesday, Letitia James filed a two-hundred-page lawsuit that essentially alleged something we all knew for decades: Donald J. Trump is full of shit! Well, AG James put it in a more legalistic framework, but it all came down to the same thing, Donald Trump and his family of misfit spawn are nothing more than […]

The Clown Car update for September 18, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ September 19, 2022/ New Post

In the criminal justice system, pillow-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Mankato, Minnesota, the dedicated Hardee’s employees investigating these vicious felonies are members of a rag-tag squad known as the My Pillow Guy Victims Unit. These are their stories. This fall on NBC, don’t miss a single episode of “Law and Hardee’s SPU (Special […]

The Clown Car Update for August 28, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ August 28, 2022/ New Post

Florida has a new theme park, so move over Disney, Universal, and Sea World! It’s  Mar-A-Lago World where the most sensitive secrets are revealed. Yes, here at Mar-A-Lago World you and your family can thrill to the many attractions the former Leaker-in-Chief has to offer. Just listen to some of the great attractions awaiting you, […]

The Clown Car Update for August 14, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ August 18, 2022/ New Post

Well, it was infrastructure week at Mar-A-Lago this week. That is, the infrastructure at Mar-A-Lago received a going-over by a team of FBI agents looking for evidence of a crime there. As has been noted many times this week on cable news, the FBI would have needed probable cause that there was evidence of a […]

The Clown Car Update for August 7, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ August 18, 2022/ New Post

A little game for the Clown Car Update this week. With all the newsmakers this week, we have a news quiz from the famous visitor from the East, the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing, the Omnificent, Seer, Sage, Soothsayer, and former sheep herder, Carnac the Magnificent! Carnac will be given an envelope with the answer to a […]

The Clown Car Update for July 24, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ July 25, 2022/ New Post

Yes, the Secret Service may have thought they deleted their text messages from January 6. But The Clown Car Update forensic IT lab has recovered Secret Service Texts from the morning of January 6, 2020 and here they are exclusively on the Tim Corrimal Show. Warning to listeners: Some of the language may contain “gallows […]