The Clown Car Update for March 26, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ March 27, 2023/ New Post

Another week, another bunch of legal setbacks for King Tutan-Con-Man. First, the Manhattan DA seemed on the verge of indicting him for his brief encounter with a porn star and a spanking with a rolled up magazine. And in the stolen classified documents case, another one of Donald Little Dinger’s lawyers was ordered by a […]

The Clown Car Update for March 19, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ March 21, 2023/ New Post

It looks more and more like Ron DeSantis is getting into the 2024 presidential race and his main issue will be the dread disease of “woke-ism.” Ron gladly will tell you that by banning books, banning transgender children’s health care, and banning Mickey Mouse, he has made Florida the place where “woke” comes to die. […]

The Clown Car Update for March 12, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ March 16, 2023/ New Post

In a statement released late Saturday night, Fox News is reporting that Tucker Carlson, the host of the network’s top rated show, “The Klan Tonight,” was taken to the hospital after suffering life-threatening injuries during an attack by an unidentified assailant. For those not familiar with Fox News, Carlson is the one with the expression […]

The Clown Car Update for March 5, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ March 9, 2023/ New Post

This Monday, Ron DeSantis, leading the anti-woke army against the invading forces of the evil Magic Kingdom, signed a bill giving him the power to run Disney’s special district board with appointees to the board hand-picked by him. With the power of the new bill, he now has appointed five former Nazi death camp guards […]

The Clown Car Update for February 26, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ March 1, 2023/ New Post

Marjorie Taylor Greene is like an attack of shingles. She’s not only painful, but extremely hard to look at. And like shingles, she could pop up at any time ruining an otherwise perfect week. So this week, like the nasty rash she is, she popped up in time to make the Clown Car Update for […]

The Clown Car Update for February 19, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ February 23, 2023/ New Post

This week we saw more balloons floating around than in  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The difference was we were spending over $1,000,000 each shooting them down, a trend we hope doesn’t continue into next Thanksgiving Day. One of the balloons was a Chinese spy balloon, according to President Biden this week, the others were private […]

The Clown Car Update for February 12, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ February 16, 2023/ New Post

If anyone has been wondering which congress in history had the lowest average I.Q. scores, this week’s State of the Union address has left no doubt. Yep, call in the dogs and put out the fire, because the hunt is over! The winner by a country mile is the Republican 118th. That’s right, it’s like […]

The Clown Car Update For February 5, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ February 9, 2023/ New Post

Well, Thursday was “Groundhog Day” and guess who popped their head up once again? Yes, you guessed it. It was Stormy Daniels and the story of Trump’s magic mushroom that was in the news. It was revealed this week that a grand jury has been impaneled to determine whether former President Donald Trump committed a […]

The Clown Car Update for January 29, 2023

Joseph Santorsa/ February 2, 2023/ New Post

If you’re the Attorney General, your caseload is growing by the minute and you are just another breaking news bulletin away from finding Don Jr. doing lines off classified documents. Finding enough FBI agents and Special Counsels to investigate can be both time consuming and frustrating. With all the classified documents, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, […]

The Clown Car Update for December 11, 2022

Joseph Santorsa/ December 15, 2022/ New Post

Every Trumper in Georgia liked Herschel a lot But most voters in Georgia who voted did not! They didn’t like Walker’s senatorial bid Now please don’t ask us why, Ask one of his kids! It could be the voters knew Herschel was dumb It could be he couldn’t add one and one But I think […]