Show #669

Fromthebunker/ April 12, 2022/ Shows

Legs was in San Jose and chatted with Jody via the Zoom!
RIP Gilbert Gottfried and Eric Boehlert.
Tech talk with Jody happened, again…she just won’t shut up.
Jody also got her 4th Covid vaccine, since she is a whore for vaccines.
Sean talks…

Show #668

Fromthebunker/ April 5, 2022/ Shows

Legs was somewhere in Northern California, so he and Jody chatted via the Zoom.
Ivanka is testifying in the Jan 6 committee.
Tennessee is crazy and wrong.
Oklahoma can kiss Jody’s a**.
And much more!
Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

No show this week

Fromthebunker/ March 28, 2022/ Shows

Hi all,
Reminder that we are not doing a show this week. Sean’s OK, OK, So…will be posted tomorrow though.

Show #667

Fromthebunker/ March 23, 2022/ Shows

Legs and Jody were in the Bunker.
SCOTUS hearings were discussed.
Ohio GOP Primary debate…Ohio, you can do better…
Truckers and DC.
And much more!
We hope you enjoy this week’s installment.
Next week there will be no FTB, but there wi…

Day late…

Fromthebunker/ March 22, 2022/ Shows

Hi All,
Legs has to work late today, so he and Jody will be doing the show together tomorrow (Wednesday) early evening along with Legs’ weekly rant.
Talk at you tomorrow.