There is no quiet part anymore

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The Senate failed to change its filibuster rules to allow for a voting rights carve out yesterday. Every single member of the Senate who is considered a Republican voted No. Two Democrats voted no. This is a complete and utter failure on the entirety o…

One Year Later

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It’s been a year since President Biden took office. Some things have changed, but down in Mar-a-lardo, plenty of things haven’t

Ask a Vet

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Good Morning. Houston, we’ve had a problem. Actually, we’ve had this problem for a long time. It’s been reported here and elsewhere for a number of years about the right-wing problem within the military. The events of January 6 put that under a mi…

Make Trouble

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Today is my annual MLK Blog post. While so many out there in our circles and on the media will be quoting him, I hope they are reminded of what he was fighting and why he was assassinated. Having to read it from his own daughter should give everyone …

A Little Joy

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Good Morning.Another fun-filled week of listening to hate radio has filled my head with astounding conspiracy theories. I was going to relate some today – but have decided to take a different tack. My refuge throughout this project has been the parts …

It’s a criming shame

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We know something is fake and it’s not the news. It’s not a stolen election, either. IT’s the actual attempt to steal an election with documents that are fake.Faked documents f…