Impending Shutdown

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Call it what it is: The GOP Shutdown. This is solely on them. While Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran benefits will continue other programs will not. The hardline radicals in Congress are doing everything they can to [url=”…

Tues Stub

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TriSec seems to have had some issues with posting a blog today, so here’s a placeholder for now. …

Resist, persist, insist, still

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Something is seriously wrong when a former president canthreaten to execute the Joint Chiefs of Staff after He led a coup against our democracy and called to “Terminateâ€� the Constitution. He praised dictators and their brutality. He’s threatening …


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We are off for a weekend in the country. I have one small thing to say.

The GOP will shut down the government to protect their twice impeached, 4 times indicted with 91 felonies ‘leader’.

They are a disgrace.

See you Monday.

:peace: & Raine…

Ask a Vet

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Good Morning.Whelp, it looks like the Republicans in Congress are playing their usual games. As we stare down the prospect of [url=”…