Episode 706 – Trump Trial Extravaganza Catering Packages

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The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 706 – July 30, 2023

Show Art - The Clown Car Catering Trump Trial Extravaganza Menu

On episode 706 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (Joseph Santorsa on Facebook and @Marnus3@mstdn.party on Mastodon) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Matt (@MessagingMatters@mstdn.social on Mastodon) from The Messaging Matters Blog, and John Bridevaux (@BlueDotInTexas on Twitter and @JBridevaux@mastodon.world on Mastodon) from his awesome video blog A Blue Dot In Texas.

On the show this week we start out with introductions and the Social Media Friends segment, then John Bridevaux gives us another fantastic rant from his awesome video blog, A Blue Dot In Texas. Then we discuss clips of Rep. Nancy Pelosi dragging the GOP over their latest effort to erase Trump’s impeachments, Del. Stacey Plaskett and Jen Psaki discussing how the Trump’s campaign is now mostly about keeping Trump out of prison, and Errol Louis mocking Mike Pence for licking the shoes of Trump with his suck-uppery. Next we discuss clips of Ana Navarro taking down Gov. Ron DeSantis on ABC’s The View, Elie Honig describing Trump’s legal defense as a pile of useless garbage, and then Joe gives us another hilarious Clown Car Update with a parody catering menu for your Trump trial watch parties. Then we discuss clips of Trump’s attorney Alina Habba claiming that bad headlines for Trump are the equivalent of ‘Election Interference’, Bret Baier and John Roberts on FOX News discussing the implosion of Ron DeSantis’ campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination, as well as Rudy Giuliani on Steve Bannon’s podcast saying that ‘a criminal should not be in the White House’ while backing Trump. Next we discuss clips of Olivia Troye telling Joy Reid about how she was ordered to keep lunatic Peter Navarro out of Vice President Pence’s office, Yale business guru Jeffrey Sonnenfeld praising Bidenomics as the most successful economic intervention since FDR’s New Deal, and Nicole Wallace wishing Sen. McConnell well wishes with Michael Steele and David Jolly. Then we discuss clips of Joy Reid and Juanita Tolliver calling out Ron DeSantis’ comments about baseball vs. basketball players as oozing with racism and white supremacy, Karl Rove destroying Ron DeSantis for proposing that RJK Jr. should be the head of the FDA or CDC, and we close out the show discussing a clip of the Morning Joe crew being blown away about how the new Trump indictment reads like a mafia case.

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