Dreadtime Stories 25 Oddcast Edition The Upper Berth ~ Colony ~ The Screaming Skull ~ Horrorbabble Originals Podcast

Adam Hebert/ April 20, 2022/ Uncategorized

Hello, Dear Listeners. I know. Yours Cruelly has neglected the Oddcast feed. I apologize and will work on being better. That said, here is episode 25.

In this episode, we featured F. Marion Crawford’s weird story The Upper Berth. This was followed by The Magnus Archives episode 22: Colony.

Just a reminder, all incidental music heard on this program is courtesy of Tabletop Audio. Tabletop Audio: Music For Wherever You Work, Podcast or Play… Dungeons and Dragons.

Due to feed issues, the rest of the show will be found here.

Our OTR show for this week was an adaption of Crawford’s The Screaming Skull. Finally, our Podcast Pick was the Horrorbabble Originals Podcast.

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