Dreadtime Stories S1E6 The Adventure of the German Student

Adam Hebert/ October 7, 2021/ Dreadtime Stories, Podcast

Hello again, Dear Listeners. It is finally October and Halloween, objectively the best time of the year, has begun in earnest.

To mark this occult occasion, we have selected an extremely terrifying tale written by Washington Irving, one of America’s finest authors of short stories. In fact, you’re guaranteed to just lose your head listening to The Adventure of the German Student. After that, Yours Cruelly gives another update on the Dungeons and Dragons game I am currently running. Next is episode six of The Magnus Archives- Squirm, courtesy of The Rusty Quill. Following that, we had episode 4 of The Strange Doctor Weird: Murder Comes Home. After that was the September 17th, 1979 broadcast of CBS Radio Mystery Theater’s The Guillotine, an adaptation of this week’s sordid story. Finally on this week’s Pod People segment, the Parcast Network’s Mythical Monsters podcast was discussed. However, there are some issues with recent business decisions.

Next week’s story is a tale by another American, Robert E. Howard. We’ll be listening to his story In the Forest of Villifere.

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We’ll see you next time, Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern here on Radio for Humans. Until next week, Dear Listeners, this is Yours Cruelly wishing you and yours unpleasant… dreams….


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