Dreadtime Stories S1E5 Casting the Runes

Adam Hebert/ September 29, 2021/ Dreadtime Stories, Podcast

Hello again, Dear Listeners. After much consideration, I have decided that going forward our program will be prerecorded in its entirety, to allow for a more… seamless listening experience for you. Our next prerecorded program will likely be October 13th. But that is the future, and I am sure you are concerned with the present.

On this week’s paranoid program, you heard Casting the Runes by British writer Montague Rhodes James. This was followed by The Magnus Archives episode 5- Thrown Away, courtesy of http://rustyquill.com. After that, we heard episode three of The Strange Doctor Weird: Journey Into The Unknown. We also talked about the D&D game I run for my friends on Sundays, wherein our group met the strange and mysterious Haley Minerva, a half-elf Artificer and inventor who has asked for people from the Academy to help him with something involving his latest experiment. Finally, we heard the November 19th, 1947 broadcast of Escape, which was a radio adaptation of Casting the Runes. To end the show, we had our Pod People segment. Our podcast recommendation for this week was Tales of the Echowood, which can be found at https://homesteadonthecorner.com/echowoodpod/.

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