Dreadtime Stories S1E2

Adam Hebert/ September 8, 2021/ Dreadtime Stories, Uncategorized

Greetings, Dear Listeners. Please note that this episode is prerecorded, and will run about half an hour long. This week on Dreadtime Stories, Yours Cruelly shared the following.

1. Our story this week was Algernon Blackwood’s The Empty House, courtesy of Librivox.

2. Episode Two of The Magnus Archives: Do Not Open, was brought to us courtesy of The Rusty Quill (www.rustyquill.com)

3. The OTR selection for the week was the February 21st 1948 broadcast of Escape, an adaptation of Blackwood’s Ancient Sorceries.

4. The Strange Doctor Weird episode 1: The House that Death Lived In, courtesy of The Old Time Radio Researchers and archive.org.

5. Our bumps this week were Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, also courtesy of archive.org.

6. Finally, our Pod People selection for this week was A Voice From Darkness, which you can find at https://voicefromdarkness.libsyn.com/.

And of course, all incidental music used in this program that is not a part of the original recordings is courtesy of http://www.tabletopaudio.com.

Our story next week will be Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Rappaccini’s Daughter, a delightfully toxic tale of love. Oh. And our brand new show graphic comes to us courtesy of Joseph Santorsa. Until next we meet, Cherished Listeners… Unpleasant dreams!