Dreadtime Stories S1E1

Adam Hebert/ September 1, 2021/ Dreadtime Stories

It’s the first episode of Dreadtime Stories! Yours Cruelly featured the following on this auspicious program:

1. H.P. Lovecraft’s The Doom That Came to Sarnath and The Statement of Randolph Carter, courtesy of librivox.org

2. The Magnus Archives Episode 1: Angler Fish, courtesy of The Rusty Quill (www.rustyquill.com)

3. The Black Mass- The Outsider, broadcast on November 20th, 1968, courtesy of archive.org

4. Adam’s Podcast Pick of the Week- The Old Gods of Appalachia (http://www.oldgodsofappalachia.com)

Next week, Dreadtime Stories will be prerecorded. Our story will be Algernon Blackwood’s Ancient Sorceries. We’ll be back with a live program on Wednesday, September 15th. Season one of Dreadtime Stories will run through October, including a Halloween night special presentation. Until next time, Dear Listeners, unpleasant dreams…

Dreadtime Stories is a Radio For Humans production. Music featured on this program can be found at Tabletop Audio (www.tabletopaudio.com). All other portions of this program not recorded by Adam Hebert are featured either under a Creative Commons license or are considered fair use due to being in the public domain.